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The Internet marketing company offers organizations an opportunity to make their business visible for billions of people all over the world. 3WiMarketing uses different online methods to help corporate internet marketing efforts to reach its audience.

Internet marketing services

Search Engine Optimization

As an Internet marketing company, 3WiMarketing is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a vital part of the digital marketing and ensures acceptance of the web pages by the search engines e.g. Google.

Web page optimization

Web Page Optimization

The high quality page optimization service that our company provides will dramatically decrease the promotional efforts, needed to rank your website in the search engines. We encourage our clients to rely mostly on organic traffic compared to the paid one and the on-page search engine optimization is crucial for the high positioning in organic search.

The web page is a mix of a computer code, textual content and structure. The page optimization is a way to develop the web page's code, content and structure in the most friendly manner for the search engines and thus to ensure its high ranking and top positioning.

Keyword Research

If you want your online efforts to be efficient you should target your audience precisely. 3WiMarketing will research the Internet users' demand in your field and will find what is important for them. Keyword research is basic for the SEO and impacts overall Internet marketing efforts by lowering the cost of the paid campaigns for example.

Keyword research
Targeted traffic

Targeted Traffic

A well optimized web page will bring traffic and more importantly targeted visitors to your company's website, which is one of the main goals of the corporate Internet marketing strategy. This is the reason we strongly emphasize on thoroughly executed on-page SEO.

Link Building

After the page optimization stage is finished, the marketing activities should continue with online promotion of the website, using the off-page SEO methods of Internet marketing like link building and social media marketing. We will include your website in the best general, specialized and local directories and also we will create, professionally, pages in the largest social websites.

From Internet marketing point of view the link building is an effort of building of a trust for your website. Links are one of the most important artifacts of the Internet. They enables people to share sources of useful information, so if someone find your website to be such a source he or she will link your website. Links can influence your company’s website in various ways: by bringing direct traffic or by increasing the value of your website in the “eyes” of the search engines.

Link building
Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social websites are very important now and many people use them and spend a lot of time in them. Social Media Marketing is a mandatory part of the Internet marketing. 3WiMarketing can create and manage your accounts in social media websites and assist you in creating friends and fans.

Paid Internet Visibility

The Internet allows companies to use paid solutions for an advertisement like Pay Per Click campaigns. This marketing tool provides a fast way to get traffic for your website. The campaigns can target certain keywords and demographic groups for a budget that you choose. Our SEO services described above delivers highly optimized web pages, which lower the cost for PPC since the cost of the click depends on how relevant is the landing page to the advertised keyword. 3WiMarketing can perform a research, optimization and analysis of the campaigns

Internet metrics analysis

Internet metrics and analysis

The visits of your website can be measured and analyzed. The analysis is a very important part of the Internet as well as in conventional marketing. We can give you information about the efficiency of your actions, how many people see your website, where those people live, how long they read the content of your website, how did they find your website, etc.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing allows companies to reach their clients by sending emails and inform them about new products or corporate news and events and could be a useful Internet marketing tool. We offer custom solutions for sending email messages and creating beautiful designs for them.

Email marketing

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